BAOMS are pleased to announce the publication of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) for Medical Students and Allied Healthcare Professionals which is  now available as a free PDF to download via this link

This beautifully illustrated and easy to read book should be of interest to medical students, doctors at an early career stage as well as other allied healthcare professionals who wish to gain greater understanding of OMFS, and the wider head and neck conditions that the specialty treats. It provides a wealth of information including details about skin cancer, salivary gland disease and neck lumps that many students and early career doctors might encounter as part of their practice. In addition, the book gives an insight into facial trauma and deformity, oral cancer and free flap reconstruction as well as many other areas.

We hope that this free PDF resource, which has been funded by BAOMS, will provide valuable information and generate interest and enthusiasm for our unique specialty.

As mentioned the book is free for all to download as a PDF and hard copies can be obtained from the publishers, Libri - With the code HL25, the hard copy book price is just £11.25 including delivery.

Professor Peter Brennan, co-author and Chair of BAOMS Council

Download link here